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strange du behaviour

hi folks,

trying to pare down the system on my poor overburdened laptop, and
using du to help me diagnose.  I had some source files in /root which
I have since deleted, but I am getting this strange behaviour.  

so from /root I try:  

hplaptop:~# du -sh ./
1020K   .

but check this out:  

[root@hplaptop<517>/home/matt]$ du -sh /*
4.0K    /anarreshome
2.6M    /bin
9.0M    /boot
4.0K    /cdrom
100K    /dev
16M     /etc
4.0K    /floppy
430M    /home
4.0K    /initrd
28M     /lib
4.0K    /local
208K    /lost+found
16K     /mnt
4.0K    /opt
du: `/proc': No such file or directory
98M     /root
3.0M    /sbin
168K    /tmp
1.4G    /usr
136M    /var
0       /vmlinuz
0       /vmlinuz.old

I don't udnerstand why the second command gives a size of 98M for the
directory /root.  Is this a sign that something's wrong which I should
try to fix?  

Maybe I should say that my hard drive was WAY too full for a while --
I booted up this morning, noticed it was at 99% (!!!!!) and have now
pared it down -- but maybe there was some trouble due to the earlier

anyway, thanks as always,


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