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Re: problems with debootstrap and stable or sarge

Hi, all --

Yes, I'm back with more questions :-/

...and then Colin Watson said...
% On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 08:56:37PM -0400, David T-G wrote:
% > 
% > What's the minimum set that I need for, say, sarge?  I don't want to have
% > to download 8G of mirror just to use 1/3 of it.
% You can probably use debootstrap --download-only from a real mirror to
% find out.

After wget-ting through about 4G of pool and then losing my connection, I
tried a --download-only and got 44M in a var/lib tree that looked nothing
like a pool (or sarge) directory, and 44M seems awfully small for a
source tree.  Obviously I'm lost again.

I want to download and have locally a directory tree suitable for a
fairly complete (full base system with X and compilers/interpreters; I
can live with apt-getting web servers, databases, and web languages later
if I must), non-network-dependent, repeatable

  debootstrap ... file:///path/to/tree

chroot install of sarge.  I very much hope that that tree can fit into 2G
since that's the free space I have on my test system, but I could wipe
and reformat and reinstall in order to have a bigger slice.

Can I accomplish this through a wget --mirror command?  If so, to what
should I point?  If not, can I accomplish it at all?  If so, how?  If
not, do you hav any recommendations for doing a chroot server install at
the slow end of a lousy DSL connection?

% Cheers,
% -- 
% Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]


David T-G
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