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Re: Escputil --raw-device and CUPS

* richard lyons (richard@the-place.net) wrote:
> H 0.000000
> On Thursday 20 May 2004 03:08, Kristian Niemi wrote:
> > Nick Croft wrote:
> [...]
> > > $ escuptil -i -r /dev/lp0  is
> > > 'Cannot parse output from printer'.
> [...]
> > I wonder if it could be as easy as telling escputil that you have a
> > new model of epson printer (`new' means newer than Stylus Color 740
> > ...), i.e. add "--new" or "-u" to the command. I get a similar
> > error as you do if I leave that out.
> Wow! I had given up on escputil with my Epson Stylus C62.  That does 
> it. Thanks, Kristian.
It hasn't helped me (yet). I've had a suggestion that I need to go through
the usb cable and not use the parallel port. Still every bit of feedback and
communication helps.

> You learn something good every day on debian-user.
> -- 
> richard
You certainly do. I've submitted this same question on the cups@easysw.com
list and got no response. Some lists seem to narrow down the field of
enquiry without actually writing the limits down for the newcomer..

Nick Croft

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