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Re: Escputil --raw-device and CUPS

I wonder if it could be as easy as telling escputil that you have a new model of epson printer (`new' means newer than Stylus Color 740 ...), i.e. add "--new" or "-u" to the command. I get a similar error as you do if I leave that out.

Oh, and sometimes it doesn't work the first time around, but you have to try like three times in a row or something. Don't know what's up with that. I've read what the problem is, but don't remember it right now.

I don't think CUPS has that much to do with anything escputil does. At least I've thought that it communicates directly with the printer, not through CUPS.

h: Kristian

Nick Croft wrote:

I've got the new Epson Color Stylus C83 printing OK with CUPS via the

Everything available with CUPS admininstration seems to be working fine.
However, I want to check the ink level, and for this I need to use a command
line tool, escputil.

The output for

$ escuptil -i -r /dev/lp0  is
'Cannot parse output from printer'.

I've got the two-way option assigned in the kernel. Also quite liberal
permissions for access in the /etc/cups/cups.conf.

$ escputil -d -r /dev/lp0   gives an answer:

        @BDC ST

which I hope refers to STylus.

I suspect that there is something needed in the cups.conf file relating
to groups and possibly passwords, but I can't make head or tail of it.

Alternatively, I could get my wife's Windows Laptop to plug in to the
printer, install the Epson software, and check the ink-level there,
without any rigmarole. Defeatist though.

Is the access to the raw device deliberately difficult, or is this
something being worked on, or wished-for?


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