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Re: DHCP slow renewal, actually times out but mysteriously still gets an IP

Steve Allison wrote:
On Sat, 22 May 2004 00:20:08 +0200, in linux.debian.user you wrote:

Stalks wrote:

I have a small network with 6 public IP addresses. The debian server runs a DHCP server. I've tried with the 'apt-get install dhcp' and am now using 'apt-get install dhcp3-server'.

When my XP SP1a machine (PC4800 Deluxe with onboard 3COM Gigabit Ethernet) attempts to get an IP via
DHCP, windows actually times out. *but* it *does* get an IP.

By default, if a DHCP attempt times out, the client will normally
use the last known good address it was given.

-Roberto Sanchez

Does WindowsXP hold onto the last known IP even with a reboot? I
havent a clue about the internal workings of the DHCP protocol.
Looking at the logs,

I don't know about XP.  But, Debian stores its DHCP leases in a
file.  When I have shut all my machines down and brought up only
one or two clients, with no DHCP server on the network, the clients
pickup their previous addresses even after the reboot.

-Roberto Sanchez

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