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RE: Documentation

Hi Paul ,
          Thanks for the info . But How do I correlate the information
On debain site site with that of the embedded debain . Is there are materail
That tells you what's the embedded debain architecture ,CPU Architecture
Supported, APIs Supported,Task Management, Clock and Timer, Memory
Management,Interrupt Handling, Synchronization and Exclusion Objects, Inter
Task Communication and Message Passing Objects, Network Related Objects,
Internet and Mail Support,Tools available and so on. Please let me know if
you have any info.

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Ashwin Raikar <ashwinr@kyocera-wireless.com> writes:

> Can somebody help me find some documentation related to embedded 
> debian .\

Have you tried http://debian.org/ ?  The search may be of help for you.  You
might also try searching google with the last keyword being site:debian.org

Paul Johnson
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