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Re: 400+ unwanted package removal

jano kupec wrote:

I tried to change the package status by using dpkg:

dpkg --get-selections > package.list

This gave me a list of packages, 26 of which were set for deinstall. I changed these to install and did:

dpkg --set-selections < package.list

This did not seem to make any difference. There seems to be a difference in the configuration between dpkg and deselect and aptitude...

did you run dselect after this? isn't it that dselect re-resolved
package dependencies and set those packages that you changed to install
back to deinstall?

i would try to deselect those new packages (those which selection for
install started that problem) using dselect until it doesn't want to
remove anything - if that is possible... but maybe you already tried...
The trouble is that I dont have a list of the packages I initially installed with Aptitude and was not aware that you could find out what has been installed recently.

Trying the dpkg --get/set-selections did not change dselects mind about uninstalling packages. I have check some of the list of packages for those packages that dselect wants to remove, they are now set to install.

So it seems that something else is telling dselect to remove packages when I choose Install.

I am just running apt-get upgrade and it does not seem to want to remove any packages, but will install a few new version of already installed packages (I am running the unstable distro).

I will see what happens with dselect after the apt-get upgrade.


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