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iptables and 2.4.25 - iptables suddenly missing after kernel-image upgrade. how to fix?

Hi all,

On my woody server, I have been using iptables for a while.  I recently 
upgraded the kernel-image to 2.4.25-1-686, and lost iptables functionality.  
Now I get:
> # iptables -t NAT -L
> iptables v1.2.6a: can't initialize iptables table `NAT': Table does not 
exist (do you need to insmod?)
> Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.

I have tried 
depmod -a
modprobe iptable_filter
modprobe iptable_nat

but it does not help.
after using modprobe, lsmod says:
> iptable_filter          1740   0  (unused)
> iptable_nat            17294   0  (unused)
> ip_conntrack           20548   0  [iptable_nat]
> ip_tables              12768   4  [iptable_filter iptable_nat]

What broke and how do I fix it?  Any thoughts?



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