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Re: Linux 2.6 and modutils

Shaun Jackman wrote:
> Please cc me in your reply.

Please do not CC me but keep replies to the mailing list.

> I am using the following modutils lines
> alias char-major-10-1 mousedev
> above mousedev psmouse
> alias sound-card-0 snd-intel8x0
> alias eth0 3c59x

Those seem strange to me.  Did you add them yourself?  If so I would
back out your changes.  I do not believe they are needed.

> but they seem to be having no effect. For example,
> $ modprobe eth0
> FATAL: Module eth0 not found.

You are mistaken about what is a kernel module and what is a kernel
device.  The eth0 name is a kernel device.  It is a networking device
name the kernel uses identify the first network interface card (nic).
It is not a module name.

Kernel module names identify software drivers for particular types of
devices.  Such as e100 for an Intel or 8139too for a realtek.  Kernel
modules can be loaded with 'modprobe', not devices.

What are you trying to get working?  Both networking and sound?  What
is the output of 'lspci'.


That is the critical information to determine what you need to do
here.  If I assume right from your notes above you need to load the
following into /etc/modules.

  modprobe i810_audio && echo i810_audio >> /etc/modules
  modprobe 3c59x      && echo 3c59x      >> /etc/modules

The above should do it.  Or use the 'modconf' command to do basically
the above inside of a guided environment.



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