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Re: Can rpm packages from other linux distribution be used on Debian?

Incoming from Damon L. Chesser:
> There could be no World Peace while RPM exists freely and is so widely 
> supported by fanatical users with no regard for ease of use or superior 
> methods. We simply can not compromise!

Ah, geez.  A day doesn't go by lately that someone isn't declaring war
on somebody.        :-P

I have Applix on my machine.  It installed off their CD in rpm format.
It works fine in Woody.  It worked fine on SuSE when I was running
that.  In other words, we can all just get along.

Besides, we've already got enough top-posters to be consigned to Hell
before we bite off more problems.

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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