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Re: Can rpm packages from other linux distribution be used on Debian?

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 05:40:51PM +0800, Rick wrote:
> Hello People:
>      Our product is base on redhat,I will porting it to Debian,but in this
> system,many procedure depend redhat rpms,for example:
> glibc-2.3.2-11.9.i386.rpm, perl-5.8.0-88.i386.rpm,etc..
>     At the start,I wanted to try install these rpm packages(from redhat) On
> debian,but I found that thers is a lot work to do,some rpm packages even can't
> be installed on it.(perhaps these rpms packages from redhat can't be used on
> debian at all).I think 2 ways to settle this problem,But I am not sure these
> ways is doable,and I wish to get some advices about it.these problem are:
>  	1. Use a certain tool to translate these packages(glibc*.rpm..) from redhat
> to rpm packages that can be used on debian.Is there such tools exist on
> debian?
> 	2. On Debian,after I install rpm,rpm DB and deb DB exist,Can I make some
> mapping bettwen betwwen rpm DB and deb DB? when I run rpm command,the OS will
> invoke debian DB.for example:
> 	# rpm -qv gcc
> 	package gcc is not installed
> 	#dpkg -l |grep gcc
> 	ii  gcc-3.0        3.0.4-7        The GNU C compiler.
> 	#
> this means gcc*rpm isn't installed but gcc*deb is installed on debian. after I
> make this mapping,I can use rpm to access deb DB.
> 	# rpm -qv gcc
> 	gcc-3.0
> 	#
> if this way is feasible,How to do it?
> 	I am a new debian user,not too familiar with this OS,	If above ways are
> impossible,is thers other ways to attain my purpose?


Debian is a GNU/Linux distribution in its own right. It does not use rpm packages
because the Debian community believes its deb packaging system is superior to 
the rpm system.* Debian also has a social commitment to free software, which may
have some effect on the viability of your project to port a product to Debian.

But if you are committed to the port, and if you want to present your product in
a way that it has its best chance to be accepted in this market, you should 
create a Debian package for it. Rpm packages do not play well with Debian. Most
Debian users would simply reject a product that is not properly packaged for Debian.

Some might try to use it. Some might get it to work. Some might even like it. But
then those few will ask you to package it as a deb before they buy. The rest will
ignore your stuff. You might as well be a Czech asking a Frenchman to learn Czech
just so he can use your software, which is written with all Czech prompts and

Best of Luck

Paul E Condon           

* Actually, it _is_ superior, but I'm trying to be nice.

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