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Re: bold and normal fonts appear reversed in openoffice

Apparently, _richard lyons_, on 05/15/04 06:31,typed:
BTW, why "grep '^ii.*'". WHat does the ".*" usefully add? and the single

Nothing really. I think I put that to match something else down the line but never found anything.

quotes?  I expected, and got, the same response with either or both omitted.

I sometimes faced problem if I didn't do that. But I didn't know the actual reason until I read Colin's explanation (thanks).

Thanks for your report, I think I need to have a look at my fonts config file perhaps. Curiously, nobody in alt.os.linux has responded. And there has been no response in the query I put in www.oooforums.org. Though i confirmed from a friend of mine that his Sid box is exhibiting same behavior.


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