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Re: HP LC2000 & Debian

Jacob Friis Larsen wrote:
> Anyone had any luck installing Debian stable on a HP LC2000?
> Would I need to build a new kernel?

We have a rack of I forget which part number of HP Netserver 2000
machines and they run the stock Debian woody kernels fine.  However,
we have upgraded them to later kernels in order to generally upgrade
and simplify networking.

There is a choice of networking available, either Intel or Broadcom,
and depending upon what you have you may want to make modifications.
If Intel then you want to use the e100 driver if possible.  It is an
add-on module in the 2.4.18 kernel.  In later kernels it is in the
stock linux distribution.  The eepro100 is available in 2.4.18.  But
the eepro100 driver has some known issues under heavy load which can
drop it offline.  Restarting networking with the eepro100 puts it back
online but best to use the e100 and avoid the problem.  The Broadcom
in the 2.4.18 kernel needs the bcm5700 driver compiled as an add-on
module.  In later kernels it is available in the stock linux kernel as
the tg3 module.


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