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Re: differences between kernel-tree and kernel-source and kernel image

David Piniella <dpiniell@newssun.med.miami.edu> wrote in news:1VQR4-76L-27

>     I'm running 2.4 now and would like to /try/ to get 2.6 on my 
> machine. I've had problems with apt-getting images, but doing an 
> "apt-cache search kernel" showed me a package "kernel-tree-2.6.5" -- 
> will this install the kernel or try to patch an existing 2.6 kernel or 
> something else? How can I find this out without installing the package?

Hi David,

I am new to Linux and Debian. I had no problems going up to kernel 2.6.5 
from 2.4 downloading the image.

You did not mention in more detail what were the problems you had getting 
the images.

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