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Re: unable to install "woody" on i386

I don't babysit the Debian User List religiously, so I'm not sure if your problem was even addressed or solved (going through old messages now).
When I first installed Debian Woody on my i486 133mhz, 64meg RAM, 1.2gig system with a Trident SVGA videocard, I had the same type of problem that you have.  Every time I tried to startx the system, I would get error messages after the screen would flash on and off several times.  I did 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' many times using every available driver listed...just to be sure...and nothing worked.
Debian Woody installs the xfree86 server by default which doesn't work on many older systems like ours.
You need to:
log on as root
type 'dselect' and hit enter
scroll down to video server selection (I only have the first two disks of Woody and the video server selection was down near the very end).
choose 'xserver-svga'
during preconfiguring stage prior to installation you will be asked some basic set up questions, answer them appropriately, especially the amount of screen resolution, and your mouse is probably best configured to ttys0.
I'm a linux newbie, so take my advice with a grain of salt...but this solution worked out for me after many, many hours of trial and error (and head-banging).
Good luck!

slmpe <nouwens-kristensen@zonnet.nl> wrote:
I seem to be unable to install Debian 3.0 on my computer. That is to say: everyting goes without any problems. After the end of the installation-process I am asked to log in. I do this and again sucessfull. Then I type "startx" and I get the message:
"x connection to: 0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)"
Furthermore I read
"no screen"
I hope some of you can give an easy solution. I gave up. I tried a lot.
Pieter Kristensen Netherlands

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