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Debian dedicated hosts?

    Ok, I'm looking to switch my dedicated host away from tophosting.com.
I've been less than impressed with their service, even for $30/month.  I mean
this is typical for them.  I send in 2 sticks of RAM to be put into my
machine.  I did this because their prices for additional RAM were insane.
They get the RAM and without notification to me at all shut down my machine to
install the RAM.  No scheduling of downtime.  No asking when I want it to be
done.  Not even a "Hey, your machine's going buh-bye in 5 minutes".  Just,
poof, gone at 7pm.  After an hour it comes back with no additional RAM; they
couldn't get it working.  :/

    So, here I am looking over dedicated hosting options.  Anyone know of any
cheap (<$50) places that offer a decent Debian box?  At the moment I'm looking
at a $30/month box at serverpronto.com.  Anyone have any experience with them?
 Also I recall there being a site which listed all the various dedicated
hosting options.  However, for the life of me, I'm coming up blank on my
Google searches.

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