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Re: Debian dedicated hosts?

On (12/05/04 10:02), Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Ok, I'm looking to switch my dedicated host away from tophosting.com.
> I've been less than impressed with their service, even for $30/month.  I mean
> this is typical for them.  I send in 2 sticks of RAM to be put into my
> machine.  I did this because their prices for additional RAM were insane.
> They get the RAM and without notification to me at all shut down my machine to
> install the RAM.  No scheduling of downtime.  No asking when I want it to be
> done.  Not even a "Hey, your machine's going buh-bye in 5 minutes".  Just,
> poof, gone at 7pm.  After an hour it comes back with no additional RAM; they
> couldn't get it working.  :/
>     So, here I am looking over dedicated hosting options.  Anyone know of any
> cheap (<$50) places that offer a decent Debian box?  At the moment I'm looking
> at a $30/month box at serverpronto.com.  Anyone have any experience with them?
>  Also I recall there being a site which listed all the various dedicated
> hosting options.  However, for the life of me, I'm coming up blank on my
> Google searches.
Hi Steve

At the Linux User Show in London recently, I came across
http://www.positive-internet.com a UK based hosting firm using debian.
It might be worth contacting them?



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