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Re: Installed webmin using apt-get

Michael Banta wrote:
So I guess I either don't run an ldap module for webmin, or I
uninstall the .deb package and download a tarball of the lastest
version that supports the ldap module.

If I choose option number 2, then I will not be able keep webmin
update via apt-get, right? I would have to just reinstall new tarball
versions as they become available, right?

Looking at the dependencies of webmin in the official unstable repository, you may be able to install webmin from unstable without needing to upgrade more than libpam-runtime. But I am not sure of that; you would have to try it out.

Better, a search for webmin at backports.org [1] turns up an apt repository with webmin 1.110 for woody.

Are you familiar with using non-official apt repositories?

Ask here if you need help making the decision.

[1] http://www.backports.org/package.php?search=webmin


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