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Re: Bug#248370: relay_domains: Get sent to smarthost. Why would I relay to a smarthost?

In regard to your main arguments.
1. The definition of a smart host is not in dispute.  The implementation
is.  There are two failure modes and AFAICT there are no working ones.
   1a. The real mailserver is down.
   1b. The real mailserver is behind a fierwall.
1cont. In both of these modes the mail is bounced after reaching the
smarthost 5 times.  In the one non-falure mode it is still broken cause
mail is nedlessly sent to a smarthost for delivery.  I think most admins
would expect relayed mail to be delivered directly.

2. A mailserver would rarely be setup to relay mail for a server that it
could not reach.  This would seam to be a broken config, not a senerio I'd
expect debconfig to solve.

3. DNS for a backup mailserver is probly working, if it is not then there
is little use for a backup.  Since the number of realy domains for a given
server may be quite small I think the DNS overhead will be of no

My situation seams quite main streem.  I have an ISP given address, that
is in many RBLs.  For outgoing mail I use smtp.comcast.net as a smarthost.
 I also have several domains I provide an MX backup for.  Too make things
worse some of these domains use me as a smarthost as thay have nated
private IPs(1b).  With debian's current exim4-config relay_domains are
sent to the smarthost and bounce cause of 1(a and b).

I can see no setup where debian's current behavior is valid and/or
working.  However if there are I think it could be seen as both being
valid and another option should be added.

--- Marc Haber <mh+debian-packages@zugschlus.de> wrote:
> On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 05:38:37PM -0700, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> > Opps, you'r right I forgot to mention that this system is an
> ISP(dynamic
> > address).  The smarthost is ONLY for outgoing mail!
> That is your definition of a smart host. Our definition of a smart
> host is a machine that gets _all_ mail that is sent by the machine,
> allowing the machine in question to be firewalled away so that only
> the smarthost is reachable by SMTP.
> The purpose of using a smarthost is (a) minimizing the need for DNS on
> the original machine, and (b) allowing it to be firewalled away.
> > That considering I think my report was complete.  I would like to see
> > relay domains get a default of not using smarthosts, as that seams to
> > defeat the purpose.
> Well, I deny the request. Andreas might think differently, but my
> answer is: Configure your exim in a way that does what you want (for
> example by using a hubbed_hosts router, or a relay_domains router that
> handles relay domains by not handing them off to the smarthost). If
> you can't do this yourself, ask.
> If it were my decision, I'd close this bug. Your configuration is not
> something that should be in the default install.
> Greetings
> Marc
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