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Re: Mounting audio cds....

On Monday 10 May 2004 02:23 am, Marc Wilson wrote:

> Because people like you will use it for things it's not intended for.  Read
> the description, note the limitations of it.

Sort of off the topic, but an interesting aside here.  I was thinking I had 
seen something in KDE to provide a fake simulation of mounting an audio CD.  
That turned out to be false.  While I was poking, I tried kaudiocreator, 
which I had never looked at before.

Something went wrong somewhere.  It's hard to say what, without more piddling.  
I probably hadn't even tried to rip anything since getting this new box and 
doing a clean install, so there are all kinds of things that might have been 
misconfigured.  I'm not particularly worried about that.

What's interesting here is that I've been filling up my logs with messages 
like this:

hdd: lost interrupt
hdd: lost interrupt
hdd: lost interrupt
hdd: lost interrupt
hdd: lost interrupt

for a long time now.  I can't kill -9 the processes that keep trying to do 
this because they're stuck in "uninterruptible sleep" mode:

root     16433  0.0  2.0 24012 10248 ?       Ds   May10   0:00 kaudiocreator
silvan   16462  0.0  2.1 26016 11052 ?       D    May10   0:00 kaudiocreator
silvan   16479  0.0  2.1 26016 11028 ?       D    May10   0:00 kaudiocreator

There's nothing for it but to reboot.  What went wrong really isn't my point 
though.  The point is I can't even tell this is happening unless I go look 
for it.  My kernel is spasming, and yet life goes on.

This is pretty robust stuff!

I guess I should reboot soon though, before I fill up /var

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
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