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Re: Mounting audio cds....

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 01:05, Silvan wrote:
> > Because people like you will use it for things it's not intended for.
> >  Read the description, note the limitations of it.
> Sort of off the topic, but an interesting aside here.  I was thinking I
> had seen something in KDE to provide a fake simulation of mounting an
> audio CD. That turned out to be false.

Actually, there is something like this in KDE.  It's the audiocd:/ slave.  
I'm not sure what package it's in, but it allows you to view audio cd's as 
files of type wave, ogg, or mp3 (given proper support).  You would then 
click and drag to rip them to your hard drive using cdparanoia.

Justin Guerin

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