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Re: 2.6 and nvidia

My nvidia is due in the mail soon. The nvidia packages from apt-cache search seem to depend on the 2.4 kernels. Could you walk me through the steps to get get the nvidia drivers built/installed on kernel 2.6.x? I have built the kernel with make-kpkg. Also, Any specific options to choose/not choose in the kernel .config?


Were there any package conflicts?

I had an ati card and after using alien to convert their .rpm to a .deb it installed fine but created mesa depend conflicts. Wondering if the same happens on nvidia?

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 12:46:38AM -0400, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:

As a warning ... I was getting ready to upgrade my kernel to 2.6. I
downloaded the new nvidia package. I was following instructions from
/usr/share/doc without really thinking and did a "make" on the modules
package. Within seconds I got dumped out of X and have been unable to
start it ever since. The error messages I'm getting have to do with the
module versions not matching the kernel versions.

I have no idea how to get X back under my old kernel, and the new one
isn't ready to be used yet (basically nothing's working yet).

So as a warning....do NOT mess around with the latest nvidia packages until you know for sure that the rest of the 2.6 kernel is going to work. :(


Emma Jane Hogbin

Hi Emma,
are you referring to 'make'ing X or the kernel?
couldnt you just reinstall what was overriten?
or remove the X packages and install them?

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