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Re: Wireless PCMCIA Card No Longer Works--Can't Identify Source of Problem

> Do you happen to remember what you did just before it stopped working? Or
> do you at least remember whether you had just upgraded or recompiled your
> kernel? This would most likely be the easiest route to identifying the
> problem.

Right.  I have a kernel built with identical options on another machine
where the card still works.  I also booted into an earlier kernel on the
machine where the card isn't working and it still didn't work, I'm almost
certain the card used to work on that kernel.

> Can you otherwise modprobe or insmod the atmel_cs module successfully?

Yes, I can modprobe/insmod atmel_cs, and it shows up in lsmod, but is
unused (Used by 0).

> It's not clear from your post which kernel you know (currently, and for
> certain) that the card is working on, and which kernel it is not
> working on? I read you to be saying that you have tried both a 2.6.4
> kernel and a 2.6.5 kernel on this system, and the card fails to work
> under both.  

The card is working on another system (same exact model--HP OmniBook 500)
on 2.6.5.

> This appears to be an external module; I don't recognize the smc.conf
> file. Are you certain that the version you are using is reported by the
> distributor to work with the kernel you are attempting to run it under?  

Yes.  As I understood it, I needed to create a custom smc.conf for this
card's manfid to get it to load the modules.  The smc.conf didn't change
from the time that it was working and that it wasn't working.

> From what you describe, and this seems to be your assessment as well,
> it is unlikely that this is a hardware problem. And there's never been
> any instance at all of a computer error occurring in a 9000 series.  

(am I missing a reference with the "9000 series"?)

It's weird.  At this point, I have two nearly identical laptops, but
running more-or-less Debian unstable (some experimental packages on the
one that's *not* broken), and the WiFi card works on one but not the
other.  So I would be tempted to think there *is* hardware malfunction on
the other, but the modem card works on that one, so it can't be that the
PCMCIA slot is totally dead.

I guess I would appreciate suggestions for how to narrow this down to
hardware or software, and/or anything else with the software...
Adam Kessel

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