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Re: Recommendation on Digital Cameras that work well with linux....and...

Apparently, _Antonio Rodriguez_, on 05/10/04 14:35,typed:
On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 02:27:18PM -0400, H. S. wrote:

Apparently, _Elie De Brauwer_, on 05/10/04 13:55,typed:

I have a hp photosmart 735, on the camera i can configure it so it behaves as a usb storage device which can be mounted like any pendrive. Haven't tried any other setting (why should I as long as i can view my pictures), I'm also using gqview for browsing them.


I use the storage method to read my MiniDV camcorder memory (Sony memory stick). With hotplug, I don't need to worry about any entry in /etc/fstab and no need to mount or unmount the device. I would use gphoto2 with Sony camcorder too, if only it would let me :)


Are you using udev? I also have a sony minidvd, and I didn't have any
problem using the memory stick until I installed udev. Since then, I
haven't figured out how to use my memory stick. I manage by streaming
the pics through the USB2 port. Just wandering, and hoping you would
have some ideas to share.
thank you.

Nope, I don't have udev (at least not on the Sarge box; I should check the box running Sid). Have you tried searching google for this sort of a problem? Try these for starters:

and of course you should try searching google groups if you haven't done so already.


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