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Re: Need Help

 During the setup phase, when you complete the
initializations, the setup will issue you to reboot
the system. After booting up the debian box(note that
you should have configured the lilo or boot manager in
a proper manner to load the debian for your box) you
should see the "base-config" program running to
complete the setup. Then follow the instrucitons. When
the setup call you to run the "tasksel" you will see a
screen loaded with several options, let you choose
which one of tools you want. By selecting X and
desktop environment, you will choose which one of X
managers you want to load by default on boot time
[gdm, xdm, kdm] you can use dselect during the setup
phase of after setup, to select desired X
environments[kde... ]. At any time, you can issue
dselect to choose the corresponding options. Note that
after, setup ,you can not login via gdm ,, by root. If
you like to do so, you should edit gdm.conf and set
the root user login to "true".


--- DaMoZ 666 <damoz_666@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I have a problem. After i successfully install
> debian, it comes up with a 
> debian login but its in a DOS sort of thing. I would
> like to know how to 
> switch to the graphic user-interface. Thank you for
> your time.
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