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Re: Need Help

DaMoZ 666 wrote:

I have a problem. After i successfully install debian, it comes up with a debian login but its in a DOS sort of thing. I would like to know how to switch to the graphic user-interface. Thank you for your time.

(Hint: You'll generally get better responses with more meaningful subject lines, like "new install; text mode only; need GUI". A generic "Need Help" subject line will often get your message deleted by many people on this list without even being read.)

You have successfully installed Debian. You may not have successfully installed some of the packages, such as a Graphical User Interface, on top of Debian, but Debian itself is successfully installed. Now what you want to do is install a GUI.

First, try typing "startx". It'll either try to start the GUI (the "X Window System", or "X"), or it'll complain that it can't find startx or something similar.

If the latter occurs, then try "apt-get install x-window-system kde", which hopefully will install a basic X system, along with the KDE environment which will make it feel/look similar to what you're accustomed to in the Windows world.


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