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Re: BT Voyager 1010 (or Linksys WUSB11)

Kevin Murphy wrote:

Yargh, this is too hardcore for me; I didn't manage to get this working in a couple hours today. I'm going to try this all over again more carefully and then take it to the atmel driver list.

Yup, I think I'll follow you there.  Ron's suggestion looks promising so
if I can get that working, I'll send you (and the authors of the
drivers) a patch.  If he draws a blank, I'll go on over to the Amtel
driver list.

My kernel is actually 2.6.3-1-386. I successfully compiled the latest Berlios atmel driver from cvs and installed it; the modules seem to be loaded fine when I plug in the linksys wusb11.

From the Amtel driver readme:

- Kernel 2.4.x. I am developing the driver on 2.4.20, but it
 reportedly also works on 2.4.19, 2.4.18 and 2.4.16. I am not sure
 about 2.5.x."

So feel free to try it with kernel 2.6, but don't cry if it breaks!  ;-)



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