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Re: BT Voyager 1010 (or Linksys WUSB11)

>>> Has anybody succeeded in getting either of the above devices (apparently they use
>>> the same chipset) to work under Debian?
>>I'm going to be trying this out tomorrow (I have a Linksys WUSB11).

>Let me know how you get on :-)

Yargh, this is too hardcore for me; I didn't manage to get this working in a couple hours today. I'm going to try this all over again more carefully and then take it to the atmel driver list.

My kernel is actually 2.6.3-1-386. I successfully compiled the latest Berlios atmel driver from cvs and installed it; the modules seem to be loaded fine when I plug in the linksys wusb11.

Unfortunately, "the machine" seems to lock up every few seconds, and key down and up events apparently disappear (endlessly repeated characters; disappeared characters). I assume the atmel driver is not behaving well .... In the logs I can see "join_bss ... blah .. timed out", endlessly repeated at intervals.

One thing that would be helpful is knowing what to do when the drivers start going haywire. I need to know how to reinitialize them. Probably another question for the atmel driver list.

Kevin Murphy

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