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Can't see Raid 1 Device


I have a P4P800 Asus board with the Via onboard Raid controller.
I have 2 IDE ATA100 (120 G)drives plugged in. Both are masters
on seperate channels.
I configured the RAID bios to a RAID 1 setup. (mirroring)
The raid array is setup.

Now I'm kinda lost after this part.
I'm running a woody server and have used modconf
to add in raid1 and ataraid.

#cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [raid1]
read_ahead not set
unused devices: <none>

How do I get my system to see the raid device?
I should have a 120 Gig drive somewhere that I can cfdisk and format
shouldn't I? 
My system is a scsi drive on /dev/sda and I have a regular IDE drive 
at /dev/hda but I don't see any other ide devices. 
In my regular BIOS setup, I see the hda IDE device but thats it.
but, in the RAID BIOS, I can see the 2 120 Gig drives, so I think they are 
jumpered and installed correctly.(I successfully created a Raid 1 array)

Any guidence from here is greatly appreciated. 

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