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Re: Monitoring debian server

On Sat, 8 May 2004 aurel.ric@free.fr wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm interested in such tool.
> Please let me know if you found something useful.
> MRTG is based on SNMP which can supervise network activities... but i don't
> believe that it can monitor process like SSH. I guess you have to analyse your
> log file: authentification errors are loggued by the "auth.*" or "authpriv.*"
> sections in /etc/syslog.conf.

I use a combination of orca [1] and monit [2] with some customizations
to do this. Orca does the monitoring of the system, monit monitors the
services. Together they make a good team. Combined with nagios I have
them satisfying all my monitoring craves...

[1] http://www.orcaware.com/orca/
[2] http://www.tildeslash.com/monit/

Grx HdV

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