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Re: No access but root

Pritpal Dhaliwal had the gall to say:
> no one else has a clue?
> come on guys ( and girls).. its the debian users list.. If I wanted to 
> start doing fresh install when things get messed up.. I could stick to 
> windows...
> help me out please

Please remember you're talking to /volunteers/ here.  Also, please learn 
not to put your replies at the top of email.

As to your problem, I believe you've hit the fact that, if a script file 
does an action that is not permitted, then the individual line that 
causes the problem is not automatically echoed (giving you a clue about 
how to debug it) but instead just says

"bash: <scriptname>: <error message>".

In other words, I believe that your problem is caused by a line /inside/ 
/etc/bash.bashrc, not the permissions on the file itself.

Have a look through, and see if there's anything that you wouldn't 
expect a normal user to be able to do.

As a last resort (you /should/ be able to fix this!) post the contents 
of the file here for people to look at.


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