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OT: Viruses on lists

Evenin' all.

I've installed ClamAV+Exim4 to reject viruses at SMTP time.  d-u's 
headers don't seem to mention anything about /virus/ scanning (as 
opposed to SpamAssassin), so I guess I'm ok asking this question here:

The whole point of having virus scanning while the sender still has an 
open connection is a) to reduce email processing load on your system and 
b) to reduce bounces to forged headers - which must be sent if the email 
is accepted and only scanned later.

I'm fine with (a) - I think that still holds - but is (b) incorrect when 
dealing with listmail?  Since the mail has already been received and 
accepted by murphy, am I just pushing the sending of spoofed bounce 
messages one stage back up the email processing ladder? Is it an 
unfriendly thing to do to murphy - should I be whitelisting it instead?

Any thoughts on this, or how to configure the exceptions inside Exim 
would be appreciated!


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