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Re: Upgrading Debian

On Sun, 09 May 2004 00:37, John Hasler wrote:
> cr writes:
> > And it persists even when I disconnect all the house wiring and hook my
> > phone / modem direct to the incoming line.
> That pretty well proves that it's in their system.
> > For me, the clincher was when the phone company tech came to check, went
> > out to the junction box in the street, disconnected the line from the
> > exchange - crackle stopped - and reconnected it - crackle restarted.
> That doesn't prove anything.  There is no loop current when the line is
> unplugged.

Ah.    So it is actually possible (I'm not saying 'probable' :)  that there 
is a fault between the street and the incoming junction box in my house, 
which is only apparent when powered up?   

Amazing what I learn on deb-user!   <g>


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