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Re: google type of search for a desktop

Kamaraju Kusumanchi wrote:
Hi all
I am wondering if there is a software which performs google's search on (and only on) the files of a desktop running debian linux? I am aware of utilities such as grep, find, locate etc, but prefer a google's interface. For ex, I can seach for a string, and then click on the link to access the file etc.,

Is there any program which does this or some variation of it?

What type of files are you looking to index? If you want to index the txt and html documentation in /usr/share/doc/*, I suppose I can see something beyond grep, find, and locate as being useful.

You might check whether the htdig and htdig-doc packages meet your needs.

A full search-engine/indexing system such as this is easily scalable to multiple systems.


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