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Re: Re: No windowmanager when using vnc?

OK - I tried putting a line reading 'echo xxx > /home/me/xstartup.log'
into my xstartup file (I then ran xstartup to make sure it got executed
correctly, and it did).  I ran vncserver, and the 'xstartup.log' file
was not created, so it looks like xstartup is not getting executed for
some reason.  

I then tried creating a .vncrc file containing the line '$vncStartup =
"$ENV{HOME}/.vnc/xstartup";'.  This time, when I started vncserver
instead of saying 'Starting applications specified in /etc/X11/Xsession'
it said 'Starting applications specified in .vnc/xstartup' however when
I connected to the vnc session, there was still no windowmanager.  When
I checked the logs this time there was a line to the effect of
'/bin/windowmaker - cannot open display debian:1'.

So, where from here?!?

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