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Re: Re: No windowmanager when using vnc?

On 2004-05-08 18:45:46 +0100, Rich Stanton wrote:
> I then tried creating a .vncrc file containing the line '$vncStartup =
> "$ENV{HOME}/.vnc/xstartup";'.  This time, when I started vncserver
> instead of saying 'Starting applications specified in /etc/X11/Xsession'
> it said 'Starting applications specified in .vnc/xstartup' however when
> I connected to the vnc session, there was still no windowmanager.  When
> I checked the logs this time there was a line to the effect of
> '/bin/windowmaker - cannot open display debian:1'.

Try another window manager to see if this works (e.g. fvwm2), or an
xterm. If this works, there probably is a bug in windowmaker.

Otherwise, the problem could be your display (debian:1), in particular
if "debian" can't be resolved (I had such a problem in the past, but
not specifically to vnc). Here, $DISPLAY is ":1.0", and there's no

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