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Re: X start-up failure!!

Kaveh Gh wrote:

My problem with X is that: Whenever I choose
frame-buffer feature in setup phase, although the
xf86config settings are ok, X won't come alive and a
"Fatal error" related to "AddScreen" comes on the
output console! Whenever I DO NOT choose the frame
buffer, X comes up and sounds of X-start up are
generated, but with no video output and the screen
becomes black screen! I'm sure that all applets are
running under X. For example by pressing Alt-F1 and
moving through the main menu(in my imagine ;) ) and
pressing enter key, the read/write LED of HDD becomes
red! So, I think the problem is related to my video
My video card is NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 AGP 16MB. In all
other distributions, its detected as nv RIVA TNT2 and
mostly I choose its driver in xf86config as "nv" . I
had no problem with my video card in other distros. So, what's the problem?!

My first suspicion is that you're running Woody, which has a really old version of X in it. Unless you need to stay with Woody for some reason, you might want to upgrade to Sid (or Testing) to get the newer version of X, which might solve this problem.

Alternatively, you might try NVidia's proprietary driver; I've never done so; don't know what's involved.

Alternatively, you might try the "vesa" or even the "vga" driver instead of "nv" to see if that helps. You might also try lowering the resolution/color depth of your setup.

Have you tried Ctrl-Alt-minus_on_the_numpad while in X?


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