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Re: Upgrading Debian

On Fri, 07 May 2004 20:22, mags wrote:
> Are there packages from Testing and Unstable on the Debian CD's (3.02
> etc)? or just Stable.
> I'm interested in installing Debian, but many packages in stable seem a
> little out of date, and an upgrade with a 56k modem looks as though it
> would take forever.
> Thanks for your help
> Mags

Yes, sitting behind a 56k modem (or a 28k which is what I'm stuck with when 
line noise sets in!), a major upgrade of several packages is really only 
practical off CD's.    

If you're after more recent packages, there are resellers who will supply by 
mail the latest downloaded version of Sarge on CD - that's a good source of 
packages for upgrading Woody (3.0).   Of course, it's not all guaranteed to 
work yet.

Or you could try Knoppix, which is Debian based and has very recent packages.


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