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Re: please help- I can't even figure my mailer

chuck boothe wrote:
Could you, would you plleeeaaasssse look down from your mount of
knowledge just long enough to give me- line by line (VERBATIM)- the
directions that I need to access root through a terminal (yes,  I do

you need to provide more info about what problem you have. Generally on login prompt you type root as user name and root password as password. Do you get errors after you do that? Are you talking about X login (via xdm, gdm, kdm etc.) or terminal (text mode) login?

know the password) and then give me the line by line (VERBATIM) that I
need to allow myself and my family access to my two cdr/rw s and to
allow us to hear the beautiful music which once so freely flowed from
our speakers (yes, we can't even afford a stereo).
I am begging you!
My soundcard is an Allegro ESS Maestro (1988?), my video driver is an
Intel !810, and my two cdr?rw s are LG's.

I would try knoppix or mepis, there is a high probablity that it will recognize your HW and you will get a usable configuration (working X windows, working soundcard etc.)

it's really hard to help you if you don't say what you did and what errors you see (or what are the symptoms of your problems).


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