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please help- I can't even figure my mailer

Please read the letter attached- I didn't have enough
time to re-write it, and this is important! Scan it-
there are no viruses included- just a lot of begging
from a man desperate to use the operating system
(Debian) that he's installed and can't figure out- not
even the mailserver thingy.

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What is the use of a sound card, video card, et al, IF YOU CAN'T USE
I can't even access my cd roms!!!!!
Hell, ROOT can't even get in through the regular sign-in screen- why the
hell would ROOT need any of that stuff?!!
I know that I'm just another dumbass newbie with no background in UNIX-
much less Linux- but I'm poor(no $300 for a Winblows in my pockets- and
this box was given to me), so I'm stuck with you!
Could you, would you plleeeaaasssse look down from your mount of
knowledge just long enough to give me- line by line (VERBATIM)- the
directions that I need to access root through a terminal (yes,  I do
know the password) and then give me the line by line (VERBATIM) that I
need to allow myself and my family access to my two cdr/rw s and to
allow us to hear the beautiful music which once so freely flowed from
our speakers (yes, we can't even afford a stereo).
I am begging you!
My soundcard is an Allegro ESS Maestro (1988?), my video driver is an
Intel !810, and my two cdr?rw s are LG's.
Please help- my only other option is a pirated version of Windows ME- I
don't want to go to jail for stealing  Bill's precious products.
By the way- I did pay for a mailed cd version of Debian 3.0 r2 i386.

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