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Re: please help- I can't even figure my mailer

On 2004-05-07, chuck boothe penned:
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> charset=us-ascii Content-Id: Content-Disposition: inline
> Please read the letter attached- I didn't have enough time to re-write
> it, and this is important! Scan it- there are no viruses included-
> just a lot of begging from a man desperate to use the operating system
> (Debian) that he's installed and can't figure out- not even the
> mailserver thingy.  PLEASE HELP ME.

If it's important, there's time to do it right.

Some tips:  separate your questions out into multiple emails, one email
per topic.  Use lots of whitespace.  Avoid exclamation points and stop
being so sarcastic about the people who are most able to help you.  Be
concise.  There's so much verbiage in your post that I have trouble
picking out the main points.   Something about logging in, maybe?  Or is
it using the cdrom?  Or sound cards?  Split it up and make it easy to

By the way, debian doesn't distribute CDs, so buying a CD doesn't earn
you brownie points with anyone except the people/company who sold you
the CD.

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> What is the use of a sound card, video card, et al, IF YOU CAN'T USE
> THEM!!!!!!  I can't even access my cd roms!!!!!  Hell, ROOT can't even
> get in through the regular sign-in screen- why the hell would ROOT
> need any of that stuff?!!  I know that I'm just another dumbass newbie
> with no background in UNIX- much less Linux- but I'm poor(no $300 for
> a Winblows in my pockets- and this box was given to me), so I'm stuck
> with you!  Could you, would you plleeeaaasssse look down from your
> mount of knowledge just long enough to give me- line by line
> (VERBATIM)- the directions that I need to access root through a
> terminal (yes,  I do know the password) and then give me the line by
> line (VERBATIM) that I need to allow myself and my family access to my
> two cdr/rw s and to allow us to hear the beautiful music which once so
> freely flowed from our speakers (yes, we can't even afford a stereo).
> I am begging you!  My soundcard is an Allegro ESS Maestro (1988?), my
> video driver is an Intel !810, and my two cdr?rw s are LG's.  Please
> help- my only other option is a pirated version of Windows ME- I don't
> want to go to jail for stealing  Bill's precious products.  By the
> way- I did pay for a mailed cd version of Debian 3.0 r2 i386.
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