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Re: dual-homed sourced out of lo?

Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   We're working on a network-hardened solution and I've been picked to
> figure out the solution to a problem.  In a week I'll have hardware to
> play with but I'm trying to figure out the answer or a plan of attack
> early.  Here's the setup:
> Server had 2 interfaces with IP's:
> eth0:
> eth1:
> lo:

I can't imagine what would break if lo isn't using 127.* loopback
address but I imagine it would be quite a bit.  Do you have a purpose
in not using for the loopback device?  I am guessing this is
a mistake here.

> We want to have the machine listening on eth0 and eth1 when both
> networks are up and functional to the OSPF broadcasts.  Oubound traffic
> needs to come from the (lo) address though so that return
> traffic goes to, not the other subnets and the server accept
> the packets for lo.
> Has anyone set up something like this which is relatively easy to
> duplicate with a stock Linux box and Zebra for the OSPF?

Perhaps I am very clueless but could you expand on just what you are
trying to do here?  Of course I am not familiar with Zebra.  So if
other people jump in with real answers please ignore me.


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