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Re: authenticate via NTLM & AD [SOLVED]

Mark McRitchie wrote:
> Morning,
> (well it is here)
>> Somewhere there is a problem with the Linux.
>> This is what i've tried to get it to work:
>> 1) Changing /etc/apt/apt-conf
>                        ^^^^^^^^
> You do mean apt.conf don't you?
> Mark.

Well, yep that was what i found out today. Apparently my apt.conf
file was called apt-conf. I don't know why or how i changed it.
Anyway, i knew after installing lynx that everything worked allright
(as i reported earlier) and that the problem was apt-get related, in 
my case the conf file.
So i tried to export the http_proxy var and bling, apt worked.
Then i went back and thought that the filename might be wrong.

Now it works and next week 'm going to adjust a skeleton program
so that aps starts in the background (it's not programmed to be 
started as a daemon but adding a & will help :)) and when the 
server goes down, that the daemon is properly stopped.

Next week i'll probably look into making a user in AD with i can
then use for the aps program so i don't have to use my own
username & password.

Anyway, thanks to all those who have been helping!
Much appreciated.


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