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Read your message about Mitsumi cd-rom drive under Linux

Hello Wayne,
I found your message about the Mitsumi cd-rom player which is rather old message. I came across the same problem while installing Debian 2.1 (present version is 3.0, the old one is still around) and I didn't see a solution to the problem.
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Re: Fw: Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM drv. Need help...

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  • Subject: Re: Fw: Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM drv. Need help...
  • From: wtopa@ix.netcom.com
  • Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 12:23:17 +0000
  • In-Reply-To: <00b501be6375$fa3edda0$2b0e53d1@larrysh.itis.com>; from Larry Shields WD9ESU on Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 05:56:02PM -0600
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	Subject: Fw: Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM drv. Need help...
	Date: Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 05:56:02PM -0600

In reply to:Larry Shields WD9ESU

Quoting Larry Shields WD9ESU(larrysh@itis.com):
> This is my second request for HELP! with a FX001D Mitsumi CD-ROM drive,
> mabe this time I will catch the right person or users that can help me out
> here...
> I am hopeing that someone that also has a CD-ROM drive the FX001D can help
> me out here, in configuring the cd-rom drive, so that when at bootup it will
> be mounted...
> If I boot right from the linux floppy disk, when it gets to the point of
> mounting my CD-ROM drive I get this:
> MCD=0X360,11: init Failed. No mcd device at 0x360 irq 11
> But if I let the system boot up using MSDOS, it then loads everything
> encluding my cd-rom drive, then once I get the msdos prompt, I insert the
> Bootable linux
> disk into the floppy drive, and do a soft reboot CTRL-ALT-DEL and then it
> boots up using the Linux floppy...
> When it gets to the point of loading of the cd-rom drive it then loads in
> and shows this:
> MCD=0X360,11: Mitsumi Status type and version: 10 D 2 Double Speed CD ROM
> Does this mean that when I am asked when installing Debian Modules select
> Category for cdrom driversthat when it shows the different types like sony,
> etc, and mcd or MCDX, that it is looking for mcd=0x360,11 10 D 2....???
> With this info how can I have it mounted upon booting up Linux, in the
> FSTAB file, meaning the correct way to type it in fro a MCD type CDROM
> drive...
> I have printed out HOW-TO CDROM and it is listed as this for my CD-ROM
> drive...
> Loadable module support: YES
> Device: /dev/mcd,  major 23
> Configuration file: mcd.h
> Kernel Config option: Standard Mitsumi CDROM Support ?
> README file: MCD    This file I have not found????
> This driver accepts a kernel command line of the form:
> mcd=<ip-address>, <irq>     This I allready know what the I/O and IRQ is
> mcd=0x360,11 but it is needing something else for it to work right...
> Here is what the cdrom howto mentioned..
> Specifying the I/O base address of the card 0x340 and the irq request number
> used.
> The device file can be created using:
> # mknod /dev/mcd b 23 0    I have done this and it says that it allready
> exists, this is because I booted up from dos, then did an CTRL-ALT-DEL and
> then it was mounted upon booting up from my linux boot disk...
> I would like any info on how to do it correctly so that when I boot directly
> from my bootdisk that the cdrom drive will work...
> Also I would like someone to show me the correct way of editing my FSTAB
> file using the /dev/mcd since I have tried three different ways and have had
> no luck in doing so...

 Sorry but I am a bit confused by the above.  I will try to answer
what I 'Think' you are asking.

/dev/cdrom       /cdrom   iso9660   user,noauto,ro,conv=binary 0   0

This mounts my cdrom, not on bootup, when I do mount /cdrom.

I have made a dir in / called /cdrom.  (mkdir /cdrom).  To have it
mount at bootup just remove the noauto from the above example.

Now I haven't done the mcd thingy in years so this might be a bit off.
make a link from /dev/cdrom to /dev/mcd.  ls -s /dev/cdrom /dev/mcd.
Now you just refer to /dev/cdrom and forget about mcd.

The above confused me because I _think_ you are saying that the CD is
seen by the kernel.  If not, then you have to redo the kernel config
and select it.  If I am out in left field, sorry.  Let me know if I
misunderstood something.


Wayne   WA1BBB

What this country needs is a good five cent microcomputer.
Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@ix.netcom.com>

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