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odd behavior of Mozilla 1.6

I recently upgraded to Mozilla 1.6 using dselect on Sarge. I also installed FireFox and tabbed browsing components and a couple of other add-ons.

Since then, I am observing some unexpected and odd behavior in Mozilla. The News, Groups, Froogle links do not work on www.google.com. But "more" links works. Also, supposed I click on a bookmarks while a page is opened and try to go to a new webpage, the currently opened webpage changes it's font just before the new one is loaded. I have noticed that this change of font size just before loading of a new page (by choosing the new page from my bookmarks) alternates: once it increases, then it decreases when another new page is requested.

This all sounds weird to me. Has anyone else observed this behavior? Any idea where I should start looking?

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