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Prolink Hurricane 8000 ADSL modem

With the kernel-2.6.3 installed, I am back to working on the ADSL modem.
What I am encountering is a gcc compilation problem. In the process of compiling the file amload.c, there are "undefined reference to" many usb functions followed by the line:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Those usb  functions are defined in a header file usb.h in the /usr/local/include dir. The compilation is done through a Makefile which has the line
INCLUDES = -I../include.
It seems like the /usr/loca/include dir is not search in the compilation process. How to check on this? In the 'man gcc" -Ixxx is supposed to add dir xxx to the list of dirs to be checked. How to know the standard dirs that are being checked?

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