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Anybody else finds grip broken as of today ?

Was about to rip some ten CDs today. Went through well for three, but
from the fourth onwards, I noticed encoding to be around 0.1 for some
ten seconds and jump back to 'idle'.

The .ogg files are about 7-20 k in size, no error messages.

Did so far:
checked oggenc with an 'old' .wav: okay
playing a ripped .wav: player advances, but nothing to hear
checked an .ogg that I had done successfully earlier today; it was
okay, and re-ripped it: now same problem as above: nothing to hear,
very small (~10 k) .ogg file.
Moved to cdda2wav as ripper; same result:

$ oggenc Honeysuckle_rose.wav
Opening with wav module: WAV file reader
Encoding "Honeysuckle_rose.wav" to
at quality 3.00
        [ 96.3%] [ 0m01s remaining] |
Done encoding file "Honeysuckle_rose.ogg"
        File length:  2m 48.0s
        Elapsed time: 0m 38.8s
        Rate:         4.3502
        Average bitrate: 0.8 kb/s
$ ls -l Honeysuckle_rose.*
-rw-r--r--    1 udippel  root        20144 May  7 16:28
-rw-r--r--    1 udippel  root     29751472 May  7 16:06

Never had this before; sitting on Debian Sid, grip 3.1.10

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