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Re: mozilla-firefox & extensions

On Friday, 7 May 2004 03:16, Matt Price wrote:

> anyonee lse having trouble installing extensions with mozilla-firefox
> 0.8-8 on Sid?  I keep trying to install mozex and it doesn't seem to
> actually install.  I have two other extensions working (Bookmarks
> Synchronizer and Session Saver) but they also seemed to install rather
> reluctantly (lots of extra "x has been installed" popup windows).
> Does this behaviour sound familiar to anyone?

Yes. Probably mostly a case of mispackaged extensions assuming everyone uses 
operating systems where everyone is root by tradition. Incidentally, the 
extensions install fine if you are root (which lets all users use the 
extensions). It's a known issue with Mozilla, but not all extension 
developers seem to be aware. Where I have been affected, I have contacted the 
extension developers to let them know of the issue, and some have at least 
added instructions on what modifications you need to make. Just be aware of 
the following issues:

a) Some extensions packaged on Windows require the permissions of the 
installed files to be fixed, or Firefox will not work at all when those 
permissions are installed.

b) apt-get upgrading Firefox will botch root-installed extensions. See 
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=206097 for details.

Alex Nordstrom

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