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Re: Dual Boot Windows Permissions For User

On Thursday 06 May 2004 10:22 am, D Hoyem wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I  have a dual boot system (Windows Millennium/Testing) on my HP
> laptop.  I would like the user (me) to have access to the Windows
> folder.  During setup I mounted it as /Win_c.  When I do a ls -l it
> shows the owner as root and the group as root.  I have adduser
> <username> to root and that didn't work. I have tried to do chgrp and
> the error message is "Changing group of /Win_c  Operation not
> permitted".  My /etc/fstab looks like this /dev/hda2   /Win_c    
> vfat  defaults  0  2
> I have changed it to
> /dev/hda2   /Win_c     vfat   rw,user  0  0
> And that didn't do anything.

Its the vfat filesystem, it doesn't support what you are trying to do. 
You can use 'umask' in your ~/fstab file to let set access for Debian 
users. i.e.
/dev/sdd1     /mnt/usb        vfat    umask=000,user,noauto   0       0

The umask=000 is a not necessarily the best way,(full access for 
everyone) you can use uid & gid. I set the pass to 0 so there would be 
not attempt at checking the vfat file system.
Greg Madden
Debian GNU/Linux User

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