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Re: Upgrade to Sarge kills X

cr wrote:

Well, I still haven't been able to make my Sarge-upgraded-from-Woody system start X successfully. (I'm using a text login and 'startx' to try and start X). I briefly get the grey dotted screen with the 'X' on it, then it drops out again.

Ah. X is starting, but it's not finding any clients to run, so it immediately exits. Try creating the file ".xinitrc" in your home directory with the single line:
(assuming you have icewm installed; this line could be "startkde", or "gnome-session" or "fluxbox", or "wmaker", or etc etc etc).

This is what goes to the text screen (caught by using startx > startxlog 2>&1) (I could post /var/log/Xfree86.0.log but it's huge)

Does the X warning re priority have some significance? Should I be doing something about it with 'nice' ?


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